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    • Hey there -- this piece of software can turn into a basic requirement for sharing of assets.
      Here are a few things that will further enhance it:

      - Multiple Child Keys: Based of the master encryption key, allow users to create a child key that can have limits imposed on;
      - Revoke: Revokes a key currently applied to an object (preferable the child key)
      - Open Limit: Sets a limit for how many times a file with the applied key can be opened.
      - Usage Limit: Sets a time limit for how long a file can be open with the applied key.
      - Allow Preview: Allow the object to be previewed (options: low sample, non-writeable) -- is this possible?

      As soon as I can think of a few more, they'll be on this list~

      Possible Bug:
      Windows 10 Pro -- build 14955
      Not 100% certain, but got a 'application failed to load' after completing all the registration field.
      Only difference between a successful load after that was that I entered my phone number unformatted.

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    • avluis!

      Super appreciate your insight and comments. Please keep them coming. You touch on several very important aspects of the encryption which together create a very robust and functional product. Many of these features will be available in our release version. Love the ideas my friend. Our dev team is looking into the possible bug. Thank you again for taking the time to test out the beta and stay tuned, we have huge updates coming in the next few weeks.