Pinned D3CRYPT3D Beta Update Release Notes

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    • D3CRYPT3D Beta Update Release Notes

      Release Date:
      April 22, 2017
      Build Number

      Corrected Issues / Enhancements:

      DateVersionTypeIssue DescriptionFix
      Bug FixFiles with large poly counts would cause an error when exported from MayaImproved Maya export routine
      4/22/20172.0.0.40Bug FixViewer would not work with large files or files with high poly countsImproved file encryption method to use less memory
      4/22/20172.0.0.40Bug FixWhen modifying a file in Maya, some polygons were not displayingImproved encryption stream
      4/22/20172.0.0.40Bug FixSemaphore timeoutsThread counts adjusted
      4/22/20172.0.0.40Bug FixAssets exported from maya would increase in size exponentiallyImproved Maya export routine
      4/22/20172.0.0.40Bug FixIncorrect asset revision numberResolved database issue
      4/22/20172.0.0.40Bug FixInfrastructure timeouts incorrectly handledEnhanced exception logging