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The uprising of remote work  

For the past two decades, remote working has been on the rise, with approximately 70% of people globally working remotely at least once a week and 2 in 3 knowledge workers believe office work will be obsolete by 2030. With innovative communication tools such as Slack, Zoom and Skype, the physical presence of employees is no longer required on a day-to-day basis.  

But even with these tools, there are still several industries where concerns over security prohibit remote working; particularly within the animation/3D space, where the risk of leaked intellectual property is overwhelming.  

The benefits of remote work to your organization and employees  

study released by Zapier in 2019 found that 95% of workers want the ability to work remotely, and 74% would be willing to move jobs in order to work from home.  

Employee benefits 

  • Substantial savings on time and money (i.e. travel, gas, and parking)
  • Increased productivity – remote workers are more likely to stay on task than office workers 
  • Increased wellness and mental health benefits

Organizational benefits  

  • Increased employee retention rate
  • Money saved on real estate costs
  • Easier access to top, global talent

With PolyPort, the security concerns that exist with allowing your employees to work remotely dissipate 

Transparent security that travels with your content allows you to take your workforce global knowing your content is always protected – be that against malicious attempts to pirate data, or innocent mistakes such as placing unreleased materials into the wrong Dropbox folder (believe me, this is more common than you think!).  

In addition, PolyPort provides the following benefits: 

  • Protects every cut, copy, paste, edit, regardless of how, when, or where assets are used 
  • Dashboards displaying exactly where your assets are and who is using them 
  • Real-time notifications when asset security has been threatened 
  • Is transparent to native tools without impact on production performance   
  • Easy to use: protect with one-click, share how you normally share   
  • Application agnostic: 2D, 3D, 4D… sky’s the limit   
  • No additional hardware or infrastructure

All of these capabilities translate into incredible efficiency.    

Our mission at PolyPort is to move away from the traditional approaches to security that require employees to be constantly on-site or jumping through numerous hoops to access a secure server.  

PolyPort allows employees to work in their current content tools on their own workstations, while at the same time ensuring your pipeline is always protected – thus enabling secure remote work. 

So if you want happier employees, better talent retention, and more efficient production, PolyPort may be the solution you are looking for.  

Schedule a demo with us to find out how!