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Polyport Platform

With PolyPort security doesn’t mean inefficiency for organizations of all sizes. Our platform allows designers and artists to begin working on designs immediately. No plugins, no latency, no additional hardware needed to design, share, and collaborate securely.


PolyPort enables artists, architects and engineers to protect their designs with ease and automatically applies protection to derivative assets created from original protected files.

With PolyPort’s proprietary point-of-use protection, your assets are completely protected from misuse and leakage, regardless of how, when, or where they are used.

  • Multi-layer 256 Bit Encryption
  • Protection travels with the file
  • Layered protection enforced at the point-of-use in the deepest most powerful layer of the operating system
  • Data remains encrypted, at rest, in transit and in use
Protect - abbv- transparent


PolyPort enables quick and easy protection and distribution of files. Because we don’t store your data, you are free to share it using any method you choose.

  • Store and transfer protected files by all mechanisms (Cloud storage, Email, Slack, Physical Device, etc.)
  • Organize assets, permissions, and team members by Project that match productions and workflows
  • Transparent to asset workflows
  • No latency, no additional hardware required

Track & Control

PolyPort’s native client agent transparently monitors and enforces access control. Monitor where, when, and how assets are used and revoke access with a single click, from anywhere.

  • Gain control and visibility over derivative files created from your protected content even if they only exist on a user's local machine.
  • Audit trail of all file activity and related actions
  • Realtime telemetry from protected assets at the point of use
  • Stay informed with real-time threat notifications
  • Remove access to derivative files created from protected content with a single click