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For many organizations operating in the content space, moving to the cloud and remote work has been on the backlog for some time, but it keeps getting pushed off due to security and performance concerns or more pressing issues.  

Given current global affairs, companies have been forced to operate remotely – and with the infrastructure being put in place to do so, it’s likely that this period of uncertainty will transform the workplace for years to come.  

While the uncertainty is frightening it also is exciting, presenting a whole new world of possibilities 

  • Companies are realizing that they CAN engage with a global workforce = greater efficiency + less overhead.
  • Employees will no longer be forced to be on-site 5 days a week = more time to work + less money spent on travel.

With this said, companies within the content creation space still face challenges when it comes to sharing sensitive content and ensuring their pipeline is protected.  

There is a need for transparent, powerful security that enables us to have control over our data no matter where it travels.  

One of our favorite questions we ask creatives, technology and security professionals is, “If you could wave a magic wand and create the perfect solution for your data security concerns, what would it look like?” 

Here are the top five elements which are ALWAYS part of the answer: 

  1. Won’t add steps to creatives workflows or pipelines 
  2. Easy to implement and administrate 
  3. Transparent to users 
  4. Works with any software we use 
  5. Does not cause performance degradation 

Being creatives ourselves we listened and created PolyPort.  

We listened and created PolyPort, to enable creators to build the best products piracy free.   

  • Full control and visibility over content as it moves along the pipeline, regardless of location or machine. You always have full control 
  • Permissions can be removed at any time, and throughout the creation process every cut, copy, paste and edit is protected 
  • Real-time visibility means you know exactly what’s going on with your assets, and exactly who is using them 
  • Consuming artists have increased flexibility to work remotely in the content creation tools of their choice, with NO latency. It’s a win-win for both sides.

Given the current state of affairs and the need for companies to adopt a work from home model, PolyPort opposes traditional approaches to security and offers a seamless, transparent approach solution that is friendly to the user. 

Please schedule a demo with us to find out how we can help!