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Protect your content from concept to final render

30 days free.

Film Card

Protect your digital content from misuse

  • Every edit, save as, export, copy and paste are protected
  • Protect traveling files everywhere regardless of how they are used
  • Limit user access through view only modes
Laptop Security

Track and control your digital content

  • Always know who and what is accessing your content
  • Ensure only authenticated users have access
  • Stay informed with real-time threat notifications
  • Remove access with one click

Securely scale up a remote team within minutes

  • Simple install allows immediate protection of designs
  • Easy administration and sharing
  • Eliminate clunky hardware requirements with PolyPort
  • Highest levels of security and compliance
World Map

Security does not mean inefficiency 

  • Keep artists in creative mode using their own machines, rigs, and surface interfaces
  • No plugins, no latency = transparent workflows
  • Don’t change how you share or store your files
  • Compatible with your content tools: Maya, 3dsMax, Houdini, Shotgun, Unity and more