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In a world where users have security forced upon them, they will ultimately find a way around it to make life easier.

This “timeless” tradition pushes organizations’ security teams to create more strict limitations, in turn leading to more frustration by the side effects of implementing them.

One of our favorite questions we ask creatives, technology and security professionals is, “If you could wave a magic wand and create the perfect solution for your data security concerns, what would it look like?”

Here are the top five elements which are ALWAYS part of the answer:

  1. Won’t add steps to creatives workflows or pipelines
  2. Easy to implement and administrate
  3. Transparent to users
  4. Works with any software we use
  5. Does not cause performance degradation

As thought provoking as the question is, I would like to ask you the same:

If you were handed a magic wand, what would your perfect security solution look like?  What would it’s capabilities be?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments. I will compile the results and report back in my next post on this series!