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Imagine that the magic wand waving you did last week turned into reality. The security solution you envisioned, but didn’t think was achievable, now exists.

When presented with a blank slate with no limitations, coming up with what you really want becomes a real thought exercise, with numerous cycles.

I understand the feeling.  

In situations you never deem possible, you tend not to go deeper than superficial wants and desires.

To be clear, the point of discussion here is not the idea for a crazy new movie or sci-fi series.

The point of discussion is, what would your perfect security solution look and act like if you could make it do whatever you wanted, in a manner that still allowed you to produce next level creative content?

There is a huge irony in this discussion. Why?

Because we all know that security is synonymous with hindering your team’s ability to create; forcing them to jump through hoops with fire-breathing dragons and evil knights, JUST to begin performing their brilliant work.

Often times, your creatives are deprived of the one resource they cherish the most…internet access for research and inspiration.

Due to the fear of what your studio or production company could lose from a leak, you find yourself implementing draconian security measures, knowing full well they are counter-productive.

At the same time, your primary mission is to create something novel, at a level which surpasses any existing body of work….

Something HAS to give.

In a world where the pressure to deliver box office smashing content perpetually exists, while budgets are getting smaller and maintaining security is a chief concern, what are you supposed to do?

Innovation does not occur in a vacuum.

It is exactly this conundrum that compelled us to create PolyPort.

Imagine a solution that works transparently with any application, does not add extra steps to creative workflows, and lets you track and control existing or brand new work product from concept to distribution, throughout its entire life cycle.

Many will say such a solution is impossible.

Some will be intrigued by the concept and be spurred into passionate discussions about why something like this is possible or impossible.

Allow me to me digress.

We are all human. Humans invented the computers we use and the software that runs on it. 

Therefore since we invented the technology,  there is no reason why we shouldn’t be able to control it. 

It’s ironic that the impossible problem is controlling the actions of a machine which we created.

Most of the time, after a bit of thought and with existing bias, people will arrive at the conclusion that being able to protect, track and control valuable assets on any machine, anywhere, anytime, is not possible. Especially while they are in use or having work performed upon them.

I am here to tell you that IT IS possible… with PolyPort.

We have created a solution which CAN give you full visibility and control over existing and newly created intellectual property no matter where it travels.

  • Any applications
  • No plugins required
  • Create without extra steps
  • Focus on what matters most, creating

This is just the start of what our platform can do.  

Imagine having the capacity to engage with global talent without ever having to worry about security or leaks…

Imagine having the capacity to know when, where and by whom your files are being accessed…

Imagine having the capacity to make a mistake and send your precious files off into the internet wilderness, but have the ability to render them useless with the click of a button…

Welcome to PolyPort.

Contact us to schedule a live fire demonstration of what is possible, when impossible is not an option.