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Digital content is king.  

There is YouTube, Twitch, and Vimeo for videos; Steam, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch for games; Oculus, HTC Vive, and Lenovo for VR headsets; and Formlabs, MakerBot, and Flashforge for 3D printing – too many mediums to keep track of.  

In the early days, the content creation space was dominated by a limited number of people who had access to high-end equipment and experience producing and editing professional-grade content. But in recent years, thanks to advances in technology and a boom of interest from people of all shapes and sizes, anyone who has access to a cell phone and the World Wide Web can make content of their own at lightning speed and find an audience to consume it through social media. 

This presents massive opportunity for businesses across almost every industry – creative designs and customization freedom, faster production, cost-savings, and higher quality products. 

On top of all of this, production is global and our creatives exist in every zip code on the planet.  

So with the explosion of content possibilities and the mediums they are created on, as well as the fact the workforce is globally dispersed, massive challenges now exist for the creators and the firms that hire them. Is it possible to allow content creatives to work in their native environments while still protecting the digital assets they create from piracy and misuse?   

Businesses are left with two less than ideal options:  

  1. Not meet growing demands due to keeping production in-house
  2. Engage globally and risk losing millions due to piracy   

Why? Because current security frameworks inhibit growth. They are NOT built for creatives.   

Building exceptional products are not made in a vacuum. They require tens of thousands of decisions made my dozens of people.   

Traditional security frameworks don’t factor in the uniqueness of creative workflows. Enter PolyPort-  a game-changing solution marrying the highest levels of security through point-of-use protection and transparency to the creative workflows.  

No Constraints  

We created PolyPort to enable creators to build the best products with all of these amazing new technologies, piracy free.   

Unlike traditional security solutions, PolyPort’s proprietary point-of-use protection technology:  

  • Protects every cut, copy, paste, edit, regardless of how, when, or where assets are used  
  • Is transparent to native tools without impact on production performance  
  • Easy to use: protect with one-click, share how you normally share  
  • Application agnostic: 2D, 3D, 4D… sky’s the limit  
  • No plugins required  
  • No additional hardware or infrastructure  

All of these capabilities translate into incredible efficiency. We give you the power to use your own devices with all of your computer power, without fear of theft.   

Race for 3D Content   

First came Pixar, then came Autodesk, then came the iPhone. 3D content is amazing, but at the same time, very hard to create.  

The availability of ubiquitous, more real-world-based 3D content is having and will continue to have a fundamental impact on the 3D ecosystem, making it more common in everyday business – and paving way to explosion of dozens of disparate, specialized tool providers.   

Point-of-use protection will quickly become the new norm for content protection – whether it’s a script, an architectural design, or the next 3D heart ready for printing.   

Security that Scales  

Enterprise security solutions inhibit creators as they do not protect all assets created in a typical pipeline, they are limited to traditional document and PDF security.   

PolyPort’s point-of-use protection goes where other security technologies cannot; any application, any device, any time. This technology enables protection that scales across any geography to millions of users without hindering performance.   

The Sky’s the Limit   

We’re just beginning to scratch the surface on how point-of-use protection can be used. Media & Entertainment companies are using this technology to work with the best talent across the globe. Manufacturing and Aerospace firms are using distributed manufacturing to print parts on demand. Brands and retail companies are connecting with customers in-store and online through new immersive experiences like virtual fitting rooms.   

The applications are endless and will reinvent how we create and innovate. Welcome to PolyPort. What’s your next big idea?